Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing, writing, writing (and a little talking)

It's been a little busy, but here's the score: I'm guest-blogging at the Washington Independent through the end of the month, writing about economics and fun stuff like that. My archive is here, so you can follow along. In the mean time, a list of what I've written:

China Threatens to Dump U.S. Treasury Bonds Over Taiwan Arms Sales
Is the Greco-European Financial Crisis Goldman’s Fault, Too?
Bernanke States the Obvious About Interest Rate Hikes, Wall Street Flinches
Swiss-Based UBS Sinks Its Claws Into Bankers’ Bonuses
Why Obama Doesn’t Begrudge Bankers Their Bonuses This Year
Hawaii’s 2007 Tax Cut Turned Into a 600 Percent Increase in 2010
How Wall Street Spun the Press on Campaign Donations to Dems
Citi to Keep Bilking Customers Despite New Regulations
Journal Lambasts Menendez for Trying to Save Bank, Buries Key Facts
Ex-Merrill CEO Thain Can’t Do Worse at Bankrupt CIT Group
How Goldman Bet Against Mortgages and Got Government to Foot the Bill
With Friends Like PIMCO, Treasury Hardly Needs Enemies

And, what else? A little thing for The Guardian on Michelle Obama's anti-obesity initiative:
Obesity: Michelle Obama's lost cause?

And, if that's not enough, I'll be on GritTV tomorrow at noon, too. UPDATE: Due to an explosion and fire, that didn't happen. When they get re-situated -- the windows and everything are all blown out -- we're going to try to reboot. Instead, I'll be on Russia Today at 7 pm ET to talk Goldman Sachs and Greek debt.

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