Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As if I needed more reasons...

... to be unenthused about health care reform, the Washington Post's benefit calculator tells me that, come 2014, if I happen to be laid off again (if you're counting at home, that would be for the 7th time since graduate school, assuming I don't get laid off from something in-between) there won't be any COBRA anymore, since the health insurance exchanges will be ever-so-affordable. And, supposedly, "ever-tighter" regulations will lower costs on the individual market, which I'll believe when I see.

The last time I priced it out, it was $1,500 a month for individual market insurance, and my COBRA -- were I not eligible for the federal subsidy for the unemployed -- would be nearly $700 a month even as a group plan. Either one, tax breaks aside, would have to get much, much lower for me to afford it and, if it wasn't, I'd get to pay a fine anyway.

Plus, if I purchased it on an exchange, thanks to the abortion coverage "compromise" I'd have to pay extra if I wanted to be sure some bureaucrat didn't decide that my pregnancy wasn't enough of a risk to my life so as to be ineligible.

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