Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy days

How much can I write? Let me show you:

A piece in the Guardian: Where Michael Moore dared... (about Iraq, Bigelow and not playing it safe at the Oscars)

My new column at The Gloss, which just launched with the inimitable Lilit Marcus at the helm: Bitch, Please: Advice About Everyone But Boyfriends

Also, a day of guest-blogging at Jezebel: Frustration Makes Pro-Lifers More Anti-Abortion Than Ever, Macking On Men Is The Only Sexual Harassment Congress Won't Tolerate, Sarah Palin Loves Socialized Health Care (When She's Paying For It), Some Thoughts On Porn Addiction, Men & Misogyny

And my still-regular gig at the Washington Independent: Another Way Obama’s Stimulus Fails African-Americans, Treasury Provides Details of New Short Sale Incentive Program, The Recession Came for Single Moms, Too

Now, it's finally time for a nap.

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