Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why I don't talk about boys

In my advice column "Bitch Please" for The Gloss, I don't answer relationship questions. This is less to avoid a sense of creeping hypocrisy or irony, and for one very specific reason: there is no new relationship advice. If you are having relationship problems, you either have to talk to your partner and come to an understanding/resolution with the problem, or you have to leave. Period.

Now, talking isn't nagging, or berating, or fight-picking, but it's sitting down, expressing how you feel and why, and allowing him/her to do the same, and then deciding how to move forward, if you do.

So there's my advice for every relationship situation. If you have other questions, email me and I will likely answer them.


eefers said...

Ha. I write a relationship advice column, but the advice is always a long winded "talk to him or her" (with a recipe, of course).

Megan said...

Is it a recipe for something delicious and chocolate-y? Because that would be awesome.

Acceptable alternatives: anything with pasta; pumpkin-based desserts; and cocktails.